The Blue House
La Casa Azul

The Blue House - Frida Kahlo.jpg

The Blue House (La Casa Azul) is a historic house museum dedicated to the life and work of the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. located Coyoacán, Mexico City.

Many customers love Bristol Ultramarine 1035 paint for it's similarity to the vibrant blue paint that adorns the walls of The Frida Kahlo Museum.

Bristol Ultramarine Blue has been used for many decorative applications in retail, art galleries, theatre and film sets as well as for domestic and display decoration. This vibrant colour was selected by the Conran Group who have utilised our Bristol Ultramarine Blue in their stores in the UK, France, Japan and USA.

The paints vivid hue is perfect if a cooling, clear, and fresh aesthetic effect is desired   

Many colour aficionados have praised our Ultramarine Blue, claiming that its velvet hue is superb.

Bristol paint is for interior use only.