Chromakey Fabric

The VFX Fabric Range consists of colour matched materials for the production of VFX backing screens and curtains, matching Lycra fabrics are also available for making body suits and other specialist items.

These fabrics are designed to provide a coherent strategy for creating the required environment for shooting visual effects sequences and are also fully compatible with our VFX Paint range.

The VFX Fabrics consist of colour matched materials based on the seven VFX colours which are considered to be the most significant for keying and are compatible with all current Film, Video, DV and HD formats.

VFX Colours available: 

Deep Optic Blue (Chromakey Blue), Optic Blue (Ultimate Blue), Digi Blue (Digital Blue), Deep Optic Green (Chromakey Green), Optic Green, (Digi Green, Ultimate Green) Optic Red and Optic Yellow

All our VFX Fabrics are generally available ex-stock in good quantities, should you have a large foreseeable requirement we do advise giving us a call so we can neither reserve existing stock or ensure fresh dye batches are on hand when required.


  • The fabric is made from specially dyed and brushed synthetic fibre, this ensures an even and consistent colour density. Surface is laminated on reverse with a 2mm foam and cotton scrim layer to strengthen, stabilize and reinforce the material.
  • The finished fabric is 150m (60" ) wide and can be easily fabricated to any size and specification required. The brushed surface gives an excellent anti glare, non reflective surface. All fabrics are Fire Retardant and compliant to BS5867 Part 2 1980 - Curtains and Drapes
  • The flexible, almost elasticine quality of this product allows a wrinkle resistant surface. The VFX fabric surface is Velcro compatible and as such allows VFX Screens to be easily joined together with a suitable cover strip to create larger areas, the surface is also ideal for quick and easy attachment of markers and tracking targets
  • If surface becomes dirty or badly creased as a result of long term storage, simply hang the cloth and use a fabric steamer to restore to original quality, being careful to follow the manufacturer's instructions for steaming curtains and drapes.
  • If severely stained the material can (if not to large) be safely dry-cleaned. Do not attempt to machine wash as this will affect the FR rating
  • Available by the linear metre or complete 50m rolls.
  • VFX Screen Fabric - is available on request as a single cloth i.e. un-laminated
  • VFX Screen Fabric – can also be provided as a single cloth with a self adhesive backing
  • VFX Fabric can be fabricated to you specific requirements - (see fabrication service)

VFX Fabrication Service:

Bristol VFX also offer a screen fabrication service, which depending on size, specification and current work load can be produced within a few days. Larger projects do take a little longer but on a advise of sizes, specification and required time scale we can usually work out a suitable schedule to fit your requirements.

The standard screen finish we provide is seamed to size, 2” (50mm) reinforced webbing hem all round with eyelets fitted at 12” (300mm) centre’s to perimeter. 
Due to the nature of the industry we serve, we will always advise what we can achieve in the time allotted. We will never commit or promise to deliver to a schedule we cannot be sure we can undertake. Usually we can work with you to adapt the schedule so that it will meet with your requirements.

We are but a phone call away, with a defined screen specification provided will email a detailed quotation and estimated delivery by return.