780 Coating

780 Coating

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Bristol 780 Gloss

Bristol 780 Coating is a high quality, pure acrylic, water-based, coating. 780 Gloss can be used as a pre-treating agent and sealer for interior use as well as an effective exterior weather proof protective coating. Bristol 780 COATING GLOSS can be used as a top dressing for painted backgrounds. Apply full strength for highest Gloss finish To reduce sheen to a satin finish, dilute with water to a maximum 1:1 Please note this will to a degree affect the water resistance and durability of substrate. Bristol 780 COATING GLOSS also provides an alternative solution for sealing fireproofed plywood panels, as it seals substrate and prevents salts from leeching through the painted surface and damaging the finished work. 

Bristol 780 Matt

Bristol 780 Coating Matt is a superior water based, acrylic matt coating, as with all matt finishes it less durable and is recommended for interior use only. This coating dries to a totally flat, matt finish and is a very effective, non-staining, matting agent.