RUBBERTEX is a water-based air drying paint especially suited for both indoor and outdoor application.
Its High latex content makes it extremely flexible.
RUBBERTEX is available in most Bristol colours except fluorescents and metallics. It is also intermixable.
Suitable for theme park application.


  • Stir well before use and, if desired dilute with water.
  • Non porus substrates such as cement  and concrete, should be treated directly 2 times with RUBBERTEX leaving at least 24 hr drying intervals.
  • Porous substrates, such as plaster, blue & lime plaster should have a suitable insulating undercoat applied before treating twice with Rubbertex.
  • Old work, which is for example limewashed or painted with water colour, should be treated twice with RUBBERTEX after the base has been sandpapered.
  • Old work which has been painted with lime or water colour, should be treated twice with RUBBERTEX after making the base lime free, removing loose parts & cleaning and drying the base.


  • Drying Time: Surface will usually be touch dry within 2 hours
  • Re-Coat: After 24 hours
  • Coverage: Approximately 9.5 m?/ litre
  • Adhesion: Excellent on most sound surfaces
  • Available: 2.5, 5 and 10 litres (for more details, see the Current Price List.
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